May 17 & 18, 2014

2014 Participating Vendors

Thank you to all of the vendors, demonstrators, volunteers, sponsors and visitors that made the 2014 event a success! Please visit our generous sponsors to learn more about their services!

Llama Level Sponsors

Ivy Acres, Inc.

Long Island Livestock Company

Vogue Knitting

Sheep Level Sponsors

Ellen & Steve Berger    Shirley Feed & Garden Center

Goat Level Sponsors

Altman's Needle & Fiber Arts

C. Magee Farrier Services

The Knitting Corner, 718 New York Ave, Huntington 11743

Moose Manor Hand Paints

North Light Fibers

Pennsylvania Endless Mountains Fiber Festival

Bus Sponsors

Vogue Knitting    Subway Knits

Raffle Sponsors

Judy Barth   Anne Canadeo  Dan Tracy Designs

LI Livestock Co.    Miss Ella's Shop   Ply Magazine

Moose Manor Hand Paints   Taj Mahal Farm

ZauberZeug Fiber & Yarn       LoolieMom Fiber Arts 

Gift Bag Sponsors

Bay Haven Short Tails     Felt Fantastic Hand Knits

Maine Coon Crafts    Martha Clara Vineyards

The Paisley Studio    Utopia Bath, Ltd.

ZauberZeug Fiber & Yarn

The Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair is the first of its kind in the region to bring together the diversity of fiber arts activities! Visitors will see and learn how local artisans craft wool and other animal fiber into beautiful finished pieces of clothing and art. The fair provides two fun-filled days of demonstrations and hands-on learning that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Visit both days for a variety of demonstrations, workshops and local artisans selling their handmade supplies and products in the Naugles Barn Fiber Market! There is something for everyone, new and experienced fiber artists alike!  Enjoy lunch in the picturesque picnic area shaded by the apple trees. For the safety of all animals on display at the event, please leave your dogs and pets at home. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Animal Displays-meet the sheep, llamas, alpacas, and angora rabbits that provide the fleece and fiber used by fiber artists!

Sheep Herding-watch experts and their dogs move the sheep!

Llama Obstacle Course- watch an exhibition of animal footwork!

Sheep & Llama Shearing- learn how fiber is harvested during informative demonstrations by an expert shearer!

Carding-see raw fiber being de-tangled and “teased” apart!

Dyeing-learn how dyes transform fleece and wool into colorful fiber!

Spinning- watch how spinners and their wheels turn fiber into spun yarn!

Knitting- learn the basics of how to knit your own finished pieces!

Felting- see how you can create your own fiber art pieces using this interesting technique!

Weaving- see the Hallockville looms in action turning fiber into cloth!

Quilting- watch demonstrations by quilting artisans and try it out for yourself!

The Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair is Co-Sponsored by Hallockville Museum Farm and Long Island Livestock Company. All proceeds support the educational mission of the non-profit museum farm.

Additional information can be obtained by calling the Hallockville office at 631-298-5292 or e-mail


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