Hallockville is comprised of 28 acres along with 19 historic houses, barns and outbuildings ranging from the mid-18th century Hallock Homestead to the Depression-era Cichanowicz Farmhouse.

Visitors can tour the museum’s buildings, gardens and collections. Experience real farming in the museum’s fields and meet Hallockville’s friendly cows, sheep and chickens.

All visitors must check in at the Hudson-Sydlowski House first. Click here for details about tours, operating hours and more. Or visit our calendar to see what’s coming up! Guided tours of the interiors are offered on Fridays, Saturdays during the summer and fall. Our last weekend of tours for the season is November 26-27, 2016. To arrange a guided tour for your group outside of these dates and times, please contact us in advance.

Hallockville serves as an educational resource for all age groups to raise awareness of Eastern Long Island’s agricultural heritage. There are over 40 points of interest including:

Hallock Homestead, Shoemaker’s Shop, Homestead Gardens, Bethuel E. Hallock House, Homestead Barn, Hudson-Sydlowski House, Trubisz Little House, Comb’s Decoy Shop, Cichanowicz House, Naugles Barn